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What Is A Retargeting Ad And Why Is It So Great?

What Is A Retargeting Ad?

A retargeting ad is an online ad that targets users who have visited your website or engaged with your social pages. Retargeting ads are also known as “remarketing”. The target person sees your ad whenever they’re on other websites, social media pages, Google search, and Youtube. So the person will be reminded of your brand and offers.

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The idea is that as you build up the number of people who’ve seen your advertisements, the more opportunities you’ll have to show them what you offer and convince them to buy. It’s like you’re following them around with a billboard! Retargeting advertising gives you the opportunity to bring new customers back to your site and give them another chance to sign up for what you have to offer.

Retargeting is an extremely effective way to grow your business and develop brand awareness.

Retargeting is an extremely effective way to grow your business and develop brand awareness. #retargetingads Click To Tweet

Why is having retargeting ads so important?

Retargeting ads are important because they allow you to use your past visitors. Giving them another chance to convert. Since the majority don’t purchase the first time they see your offer. This gives you an opportunity to bring them back to your site for a second or third try.

Retargeting ads have been shown to increase sales five times more than cold traffic (regular) ads.

Not running retargeting ads is like focusing solely on the aces and kings in a card deck. Since it will cost us more and more to acquire new customers. Most businesses will have an extremely hard time growing without retargeting. For e-commerce, high-ticket, or direct sales businesses, retargeting ads can be a crucial factor in your growth.

When you retarget you’ll also focus on the queens, jacks, and even tens in a card deck. The part of your audience where most competitors will give up on.

The benefits of having retargeting ads.

  • Retargeting ads are effective at reminding potential customers of your product or service
  • People who are reminded of a business with retargeting ads are 3x more likely to buy from that company
  • You can use retargeting ads to collect customer data and build very detailed profiles on them
  • If your product or service requires a high level of trust, retargeting ads can help build that trust
  • Retargeting is also effective at reaching potential customers who might not have previously been aware of the business. Also known as “cold” traffic
  • Finally, retargeting can help build brand recognition.  For example, if you run ads for your business on other websites, people who see them might be reminded of your company when they visit your site.

6 Super-Effective Retargeting Ad Ideas

Retargeting Ad Idea #1: Destroy Sales Objections!

One of the best ways to increase conversions on your site is to address any concerns that visitors may have. Removing these objections—or even addressing them in a conversational tone—helps build trust between you and your potential customers. Try running retargeting ads that showcase how easy it is to use your product or service, or show people using it.

A retargeting ad example from Hubspot

Retargeting Ad Idea #2: Offer Discounts Codes and Coupons.

The price could have been a deal-breaker for your first-time visitors. Share with them that it’s possible to get it at a discount and you stand a greater chance of getting conversions from those who were on the fence. In some cases, you can even offer as much as 80% off.

A discount retargeting ad example

Retargeting Ad Idea #3: Show the products they’ve expressed interest in or are similar products.

Sometimes they need to see something multiple times before they fall in love with your products. If you notice that most of your customers are engaging more with products in a particular category, run retargeting ads containing those items. To get them back on the site and increase conversions.

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Retargeting Ad Idea #4: Use Urgency to Motivate Your Customers to Make a Decision Now.

This is a tactic that most marketers fail to use. Let your customers know that there’s a limited window of opportunity to buy something before they forget about it.

Such as informing that there is a limited supply or a time limit for a certain (discounted) price.

A retargeting ad example from Expedia

Retargeting Ad Idea #5: Show Complementary Products to Existing Customers.

This is a great way to increase customer lifetime value. If you notice that most customers who buy Product A also end up buying Product B, consider running retargeting ads for Product B as well as cross-selling campaigns.

Retargeting Ad Idea #6: Get back to your cart.

Don’t let abandoned carts go to waste. Show visitors who bounced off your site after adding an item to their cart exactly what they’re missing out on with retargeting ads.

This is a great way to get people back on the site and increase conversions, as well as reinvigorate those who may have gotten distracted during the checkout. Sometimes life just gets in the way.

A cart abandonment retargeting ad example

Final words

Retargeting ads are a powerful way to remind potential customers of your business. You can use them to collect customer data, build detailed profiles on them and reach out to cold traffic or people who might not have been aware of the company before. If you’re just starting out as an entrepreneur, retargeting is also a great way for building brand recognition–just be sure that you don’t overdo it with too many ads!