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Instagram Carousel Posts Ultimate Guide: What You Must Know

If you’re looking for a way to increase engagement on Instagram, then carousel posts are your answer. Carousel posts have the highest average engagement rate with 1.92% and it’s fairly easy to create one with for example Canva! How do you make an IG carousel post? What should be included in my IG carousel? What kind of content can use with a carousel? How can you design one via the free Canva image editor? This article will answer all these questions!

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what Is A Carousel Post On instagram?

So what is an IG carousel post exactly?

Instagram carousels are a post with multiple photos or videos that can be viewed by swiping left to right. Up to 10 images/videos can be added and shared as one single post on the feed, making it easy for followers to scroll through all of your content in just seconds.

Carousel posts are the most popular post type on Instagram with an average engagement rate of up to 1.92%. This is much higher than a regular photo or video mainly because the first slide can trigger their curiosity and create huge interest to see more without having all your content revealed at once!

Promote Your Offers!

But the most important reason why business owners should start posting carousels on Instagram is that you can always promote your offers on the last slide without annoying your followers. You can literally promote your offers on every single post on your Instagram page. Since you are dedicating the earlier slides to share valuable or entertaining content.

Why do Instagram Carousel posts have such a high engagement rate?

As said before, from a 3-year study of Socialinsider, carousel posts are proven to have the highest engagement rate for Instagram with an average of 1.92%.

SRC: Social Insider

The Intro Slide!

There are two main reasons why this is.

The IG carousel post gets so much engagement because you can dedicate the first slide to give it an amazing hook, something that truly tickles their curiosity bone without giving anything away.

So when they do spot your post on their Instagram feed or explorer feed a good hook would almost force them to slide left.


This brings us to the second reason. When you have a hook that makes people want to find out more, they will swipe left and interact with your post. Many studies have shown that these micro-interactions are more likely to lead to an actual post engagement. (Read: Like, comment, share, save)

Because they’ve already invested a little effort in your post.

How to create a seamless carousel post with Canva?

So how do you create these beautiful image transitions with Canva?

– First Open Canva and click on “Create a new design”. There you choose Instagram Feed.

– Position your image to where you want to split it. So, drag a part of the image outside the canvas.

Position the image you want to split

– Click shift+ r to display the rulers or go to File -> Show rulers.

-Then select the image by clicking on it. (So we can see how far the image is off the canvas!)

– Click (and hold) on the top ruler and drag the support line to the top of the image you want to split.

– Click (and hold) on the right ruler and drag the support line to the far right of the images you want to split. When you get to the far right of the image, look at the top ruler to see how many pixels wide it is. For this example, it’s 1387 pixels.

– Then subtract the entire width of the canvas (1080px) from 1387 pixels. That leaves 307px.

– Now click (and hold) on the left ruler again and drag (and drop) the support line at exactly 307px (see top ruler).

-All you need to do now is copy the image you want to split. Go to the next image in the carousel and paste it. Then drag the image to the left to make it fit the vertical and horizontal support lines.

-And there you have it. Now you can create beautiful image transitions for your IG carousel with Canva!

Seamless Carousel Example

How to Post an Instagram Carousel Posts with the App

  1. Launch Instagram

Log in to your Instagram account on iOS or Android app. (Note that the options given in both the apps may slightly differ.)

  2. Create a new Instagram post

Click on the “+” icon to add photos or videos to your new Instagram post. When you are redirected to your phone’s photo folders.

  3. Select photos and videos

Hold your finger on one of the photos or videos until you see a 1 appear in the top-right corner. Then just select up to 10 images and videos.

  4. Add a filter to your images

Now you will be able to change the order by dragging them to different positions within your carousel. You can also apply a filter to one or all of the images.

  5. Write the caption for your Instagram post

The final thing to do before posting your IG carousel is to write a caption. Keep in mind that the same captions are displayed for all chosen items, so be sure if you’re choosing 10 images to choose something that applies equally to all of them.

You can also tag your friends and add your location to the post. In addition to this, you can publish your post on multiple social media platforms by selecting the appropriate options given on the screen. To disable comments for your Instagram carousel post, you can go to “Advanced Settings.” 

When you’re done, click on “Share” to post your carousel on Instagram. 

14 Ways to Use Instagram Carousel posts for Your Business

Now that we know why carousels are so effective and how to make IG Carousel posts, here are some ways you can use them for your business.

#1: Promote a New Product

If you’re launching a new product and looking to promote it on an Instagram carousel post, use the first slide of your IG carousel as an eye-catching hook.

The second, third, or fourth slide of your IG carousel can be a snapshot showcasing what you are launching in more detail. How to use the product and why they should buy this particular one. This will also drive people into purchasing as well via social media engagement if done correctly!

#2: Share a Before and After Reveal 

If you’re a company or individual that specializes in beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. You can always share an IG carousel post where they showcase your work on the first slide with before and after photos of this transformation. How? Use Instagram to show how people can change their lives!

#3: Provide A list Of Personalized Recommendations

Do you work for or have a company with many different services? How about using an IG carousel post to share personalized recommendations based on your customer’s needs. Like always, the first slide should be used as a hook and then show them how they can achieve their desired result via the other slides.

#4: Share a How-to Guide

An IG carousel post is also perfect for sharing a how-to guide. Starting with a typical how-to-do-this hook on the first slide and then showing them step-by-step what they need to do to make their desired result come true.

#5: Share A Inspiring Quote In A New Way.

If you want to share a quote with your followers on Instagram, make a carousel. The first slide should then be the beginning part of the inspirational quote and on the second slide, you write the last part, the punchline. This is a new way to share quotes that will surprise your followers and make them more likely to want to interact with your post.

#6: Share a routine like your morning routine.

If you’re a business owner or life coach, an IG carousel post can be used to beautifully showcase your morning routine. How do you start the day? What are some tips and tricks that they should know about? How does it affect their life in general if they follow these steps as well?

#7: Share a timeline.

A carousel is also great to share your or someone else’s timeline. How did you progress through your life? How does it start in the beginning and then how does it end up on that final slide? This is a way to share such information with followers and entice them into interacting, seeing where their lives might go if they have similar beliefs or mindsets!

#8: Share a top 5 list

You can also use a carousel post to share a top 5 list of something. Like top-five best-paid influencers on Instagram, or who won the most matches in the Super Bowl, or what are your top five favorite recipes. Add a little excitement when reaching your number one spot.

#9: Share the quiz results

A carousel is also a great way to share the quiz results you have run via stories. How? Post your quiz on the first slide, then show the results for each question on the second to fifth slides. Depending on the question this can be a real interesting carousel post.

#10: Share an inspiring story

A carousel post can also be used to share an inspirational story. How you went from the bottom of life and how you have changed your mindset so that now everything is possible for you. This type of IG Carousel post should always start with a hook or eye-catcher on the first slide, then show what happened in detail throughout each subsequent slide.

#11: Share a checklist.

Another way to use a carousel post is to share the checklist that you have created. How can someone make their life better by following this list of steps? How does it affect them and how do they feel after completing these tasks?

#12: Share a video compilation

The carousel post can also be used to share a video compilation. This why they constantly interact with your post by sliding left to see the following video. How? Create five slides, each with a different video that your followers can interact with and watch. If you’re not comfortable creating videos on the fly, then this is also a good way to share old ones too!

#13: Share a photo collage

If you’re someone who likes to take a lot of photos, then try out the IG carousel post for your photography business. How? Create five slides with at least three or more pictures in each one and show them an experience they can have through these images.

#14: Be creative!

Think about what you want to do for your carousel post. You can do more than just have slides show up and go around. Chipotle has done this with one of their posts brilliantly.

More Amazing Examples of Beautiful Carousel Posts On Instagram

Here is a nice collection of carousel posts we found on Instagram.

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Final words

Our final thought about the IG carousel post is that it’s a great way to share information with your followers and keep them engaged. It can also be used for so many things like showing a timeline, sharing quotes, or even some of our ideas!

Now go out there and make your own IG carousel post! 😁