93 Creative Social Media Content Ideas for your business!

In this article, we’re going to look at some amazing social media content ideas that you can use as inspiration for your own social media content strategy. In this article, you’ll find some examples of interesting and engaging content we’ve seen on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and more. So if you are running out of ideas to post on your social pages, this article will help you out.

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Why you should use social media for your business?

Today, social media has become a significant marketing platform that brands can use to build their loyal customer base and increase ROI. Even if you have only a few minutes a day for your social media campaigns, there are ways to maximize results from each post. There’s no doubt that it’s time well spent because on average, an American spent more than 1,300 hours on social media last year alone.

Social media can be an incredibly powerful tool for business if it’s used correctly. They are still growing at a fast rate, with more than 2 billion people worldwide using some form of social networking sites. Social media is the ideal platform to engage and connect with your customers and potential customers. It’s also a great resource for FREE traffic and lead generation!

So yes, I think we can both agree that using Social Media for your business is an absolute must!

But what should you post…?

Here Are 94 (and growing) Social Media Content Ideas You Can Post Today.

Don’t forget to bookmark the page so you can check back later when you need more social content ideas! Plus, we’ll be adding more ideas from time to time!

1. Share something funny.

Social Media Content Idea 1: Share something funny!

Sharing something funny like memes, vines, and gifs with your audience is a sure way to make them smile. Social media users often like to see funny content as it brightens up their day. Sometimes businesses share memes of themselves; these memes show the audiences that you are human and you care about what they think. Absolutely a great idea to start with.

2. Share your successes.

Social Media Content Idea 2 Share your success!

If you have recently hit a milestone or have been recognized for your work share it with your audience. Social media is all about being social and showing that you are human, so if you’ve achieved something special don’t be afraid to share it with the world. Social media users often love to congratulate companies on their success because they know how hard business owners work.

3. Ask an open question.

Another great social media content idea is to ask open questions. Asking open questions is a great way to engage with your audience on social media. They are not just there for your business, they also want to learn more about you and what you think. Put the question out in the world and let them answer it! Your followers love to tell their own stories so you never know what someone might say.

4. Ask fans to caption a photo.

Social Media Content Idea 4: Caption this!

Taking a photo and asking for captions is one of the best ways to engage with your audience on social media. Social media users love to share their stories, so they will enjoy sharing what’s going on in the featured photo. Social media audiences also tend to be humorous, so seeing what they come up with may lead you down a path of laughter.

5. Make “boring” topics funny.

If you’re tweeting or posting about something less exciting, like tax season or filing your business reports, spice things up by adding relevant memes and images into the mix. Social media audiences will be entertained by your content and may even go on to share it with others! Social media users love to laugh so bring some humor into your social media and you’ll get a laugh in return.

6. Share common mistakes your audience makes.

Social Media Content Idea 6: Common mistakes!

If you know what your audience’s struggles are, share them! This can be a great idea as social media content because your followers will appreciate knowing that someone understands their pain points. They also love reading about other people’s mistakes and the lessons they learned from them.

7. Show behind the scenes.

Show your followers what happens behind the scenes of your business. Social media users love getting a glimpse into another side of your business that they wouldn’t be able to see otherwise. Showing off all the work it takes to grow and maintain a business is also an excellent way for people to understand how much effort goes into making their favorite brands. They’ll also love to see that they are not the only ones putting work into their businesses.

8. Publish a cartoon.

Drawing a cartoon or comic of your business or service is an excellent way to engage with users. These types of posts are also great for social media audiences that retweet and share content. If you draw their attention, they’ll be sure to share your content with others too!

9. Challenge or ask your fans to take a pledge.

Social Media Content Idea 9: Take a pledge

Challenging your audience to take a vow or act of kindness. This is a great way to connect with your followers. Social media users love when companies give back, so if you can match something with something they care about, they’ll be more than happy to get in on the action.

10. Tell a story from your past.

Social Media Content Idea 10: Tell your story

Your followers love hearing about your history. If you’ve gone through a lot of fascinating experiences that have shaped you into the person you are today, share them! They love to hear new stories and will also enjoy getting to know more about the people behind the company.

11. Share contest entries.

Social Media Content Idea 11: Share contest entrees

Sharing contest entries is an excellent way to engage with your audience because it showcases the hard work that people put into creating their submissions. Social media audiences love seeing how other people are putting in the effort to win, so they know what they’re up against when competing for your offers.

12. Share a coupon with your audience.

If you’ve got a coupon code or sale going on, share it! Social media users love getting the chance to shop for cheaper items, so they’ll be more than happy to take advantage of the deal. When they see that you’re advertising it.

13. Share a “this or that” question.

Getting your audience to choose between two options is a terrific way to get them thinking about your brand. Social media audiences will be entertained by this type of content, and it’ll encourage them to share it with their friends. Especially when it’s a relatable dilemma.

14. Ask fans to get creative with your product.

Social Media Content Idea 15: Be creative!

If you’ve got a product that your audience can get creative with, ask them to! Your followers love doing art and crafts in their free time, so getting to use your product will bring them tons of satisfaction. Showing off their final products is also an excellent way for them to share them with their friends and family members. At the same time a great promotion for anyone still on the fence about buying your product!

15. Share a routine.

Social Media Content Idea 16: Morning routine

Sharing your daily routine is an entertaining way for you to engage with your audience. It also serves as a very relatable topic for your followers. If they see that even someone as successful as yourself still takes time out of their day for the same mundane tasks, it’ll make them appreciate their own lives more.

16. Create custom artwork.

Social Media Content Idea 17: Create custom art

Customizing your own piece of artwork for a social media post is an excellent way to engage with your audience and gain more likes and shares. This type of content also allows you to present the same idea in multiple different ways. So you can always come up with new ideas!

17. Share customer testimonials.

Share testimonial

Sharing customer testimonials is an excellent way for you to engage with your audience. Social media users will love reading about other people’s experiences and it’ll encourage them to come back for more. Even if they haven’t yet tried your product, hearing how others succeeded makes it seem like a very achievable goal.

18. Share something cute and adorable.

Social Media Content Idea 19: Share something cute

People love when brands share something cute, so they’ll definitely want to engage with your content. Even if it’s a picture of a cuddly animal or a heartwarming moment caught on camera, most audiences will appreciate the sentiment and share it with their friends!

19. Share a product diagram.

Social Media Content Idea 20: Product diagram

If you’ve got a physical product, creating an informational diagram is an excellent way for you to get your audience excited about buying it. It makes the item seem more accessible and eliminates any confusion they might have had about its structure.

20. Share an explainer image.

An explainer image is an excellent way for you to educate your audience about one specific topic. You can use them to describe everything from scientific information to how-tos for everyday life. If the content is interesting, they’ll be more than happy to share it with their friends!

21. Share a timeline.

Another great content idea for your social media pages is a timeline. Timelines are entertaining for your followers because they show the historical development of something. It’ll draw their attention and motivate them to follow the developments of your brand and products.

22. Have a fan of the week.

Social Media Content Idea 23: Fan of the week

When you have a fan of the week, you get your audience more involved in your content. They’ll feel appreciated and motivated to participate in future weeks. It’s also a great way for them to share their positive experiences with friends and family members.

23. Share user-generated content.

Sharing user-generated content is an excellent way to engage social media users. It’s something they made, so it’s relatable and entertaining simultaneously. It also shows off your fandom, as well as spreads brand awareness through those same fans and potential fans.

24. Share a handy checklist.

Social Media Content Idea 25: Share a checklist

Checklists are a great way to engage with your followers. They’re relatable and informative at the same time, which makes them an excellent choice for your social media content. Your audience will also find great satisfaction in being able to complete a checklist themselves. Especially when it solves a problem they didn’t know was possible to solve!

25. Ask followers how they’re feeling.

Social Media Content Idea 26: How are you

Ask followers how they are feeling and you’ll be able to gain a better understanding of your audience. They love knowing that you’re interested in their voice and want to hear what they have to say. Using this information, you can also create a better product or a more engaging content campaign next time around!

26. Share an “on this day” post.

Sharing what was happening on the same day in previous years is a great way to engage a new or existing community. You can also share some tweets from that time period that fit your business.

27. Share a fun statistic.

Social Media Content Idea 28: Fun statistic

These can include statistics about your industry or something totally random like how many petals are on a daisy. It’s a great way to engage with your audience and keep them entertained. Plus, it’ll make you look like a bit of authority if they start sharing your statistics.

28. Give something away.

Social Media Content Idea 29: Give something for free

When you give away something for free, it makes your audience feel special. They’ll be more likely to share your content and spread awareness of your business or company. You can also use this type of offer to encourage new customers who might not have known about you otherwise!

29. Share a handy tool or app you love using.

Social Media Content Idea 30: reccomend an app

If you’ve found something that has helped your business, this is a great social media content idea to try! Telling people about how helpful an app or tool can be will increase the chances of them trying it out for themselves.

30. Share a top 5 list.

People love top 5 lists and they can be a great way of getting people to engage and share your content.

31. Share some resources.

These could be free guides or eBooks you’ve created, but they can also include links to other websites which have been helpful for your company. People like to share and bookmark helpful and interesting articles they find on the internet, so this is a great way of getting your content in front of new people!

32. Share a funny GIF.


The internet is full of GIFs and people love to share them with their audience. Using a funny one can increase the chances that people will want to click on your post and see what’s going on in the image! You can also showcase your sense of humor using this method if it’s appropriate for your business.

33. Celebrate big holidays.

Social Media Content Idea 34: celebrate the holidays

People love to celebrate holidays with others, especially if they use social media. This is also a great opportunity to get into the spirit of the holiday and show your audience that you’re celebrating too!

34. Show the people behind your brand.

Did you know that 96% of people trust a brand more when they see the faces behind it? This is another great way to build trust with your audience and increase conversion rates.

35. Capitalise on fleeting trends.

The beauty of social media is that trends are always changing. You can use big events to your advantage by capitalizing on them before they’re over! This can be a great way of getting an influx of new traffic and conversions which shouldn’t last too long, but it’s definitely worth taking advantage of while you can!

36. Share an infographic.

Social Media Content Idea 37: Share an inforgraphic

Infographics are a great way of getting your message across creatively and interestingly. They can be a lot more fun to read than a wall of text, which means people will enjoy it more and be more likely to engage with the content!

37. Post a spot-the-difference game.

Social Media Content Idea 38: spot the difference game

A spot the difference game is a fun way to get people interacting with your posts. You can also use this type of post to highlight any changes you’ve made to your website or business in general, which people will appreciate if they’re long-time customers!

38. Post something inspiring.

Social Media Content Idea 30: Post something inspiring!

People are always looking for inspiration, which is why sharing your experience or inspiring story can do wonders for your social media presence. Inspiration can inspire others to take action in their own lives, so it’s worth taking the time to share something inspirational!

39. Tell about a book you’re reading.

Social Media Content Idea 40: about a book you read.

People love to share their interests on social media, which is why you should consider sharing the books you’re reading. If people enjoy your recommendation they’ll be more likely to check it out themselves!

40. Share a list of Youtube channels.

There are so many Youtube channels out there it can be difficult to decide which to watch! If you know a few great Youtube channels share them with your followers.

41. Share ideas from Your Competition.

It’s a really powerful idea to take the best ideas from your competitors and share them on social media. Everyone loves great ideas – even if they’re coming from someone else!

42. Share an emoji rebus.

Sharing a rebus on Social media can be highly effective. It’s a fun and unique way of getting your message across and people love to guess what it means! You can generate one right here!

43. Share a life hack or tip.

Social Media Content Idea 44: life hacks

Life hacks are extremely popular on social media nowadays. They can be a lot of fun to read and people love learning new things! If you have something useful to share this is the best way to do it.

44. Share a (secret) recipe.

Social Media Content Idea 45: Share a secret recipe

People love food. It’s a fact of life. If you have any recipes up your sleeve share them with your audience! Your followers will thank you for it!

45. Ask fans to “Like if…”

This is a really easy way of getting people to engage with your posts without much effort. It’s an effective technique because everyone loves feeling appreciated, plus it’s a fun way of getting your audience involved in your social media content!

46. Celebrate little-known / weird holidays.

Social Media Content Idea 44: Celebrate weird holidays

You may not know this, but there are actually a lot of holidays which you’ve probably never heard of! This is another great opportunity to get your audience involved and celebrate with you and both be amazed at the weird and wonderful holidays around the world 🙂

47. Share a LOSS or a FAILURE.

Social Media Content Idea 44: Share a failure.

It’s a good idea to share your failures or losses because we can all learn from them. Which is why it’s so powerful! No one likes failure but sharing the lessons you’ve learned will encourage people to avoid making the same mistakes. Plus it makes you vulnerable and real to your audience.

48. Share survey results.

Social Media Content Idea 49: Share a servey result.

Sharing your results from a survey can be an effective way of getting attention. If you have some interesting findings to share with the world this is a great idea! It will make people look at your business in a new light and think of you as professional and reliable. The more surprising the finding, the better!

49. Share a personal story.

Everyone loves a good personal story. Whether it’s something that happened to you recently or something that happened in your childhood. Remember that this is an opportunity to be real with your audience and make them see that there’s more to you than what meets the eye!

50. Use a timely meme.

Social Media Content Idea 51: Share a funny meme.

Timing can be everything when it comes to getting social media content to go viral. This is why using relevant memes (i.e. a meme that your audience would be familiar with) can have a positive impact on your engagement rate.

51. Motivate your fans.

Social Media Content Idea 52: Motivate your followers

A lot of people use social media to feel better about themselves. When you share motivation or inspiration with your audience it can have a positive impact on their lives! This is why it’s good to motivate them whenever possible, but remember that you should always be genuine.

52. Share a YouTube video you love.

Social Media Content Idea 53: Share a youtube video you love.

YouTube videos are a great source of entertainment for people and it can be very powerful to share one that you love with your audience. Everyone loves something new and different, so if you know any popular or funny videos that people would enjoy then don’t hesitate to share them!

53. Share an interesting article you like.

Social Media Content Idea 54: Share a fun article.

People love learning new things, so sharing an interesting article that is relevant to your audience can be a very good idea. You can share articles about anything – from business to tech to entertainment!

54. Share nostalgic memories.

Social Media Content Idea 55: Share a memory

Everyone has memories that they treasure. If you want to create an emotional connection with your audience then sharing one of your own special memories is a great idea!

55. Share an unknown Feature About Your Products.

If you sell any products or services on your website, why not share some facts and features of them? This is a great way of giving people more information on the things they might be interested in. Especially if your products or services are relatively new and unique!

56. Tell People How You Got Started.

Social Media Content Idea 57: How you got started

Telling people how you got started with your business can be a great idea for social media content because it makes you relatable and real to your audience. It’s interesting to hear stories about how other people were able to turn their passion into a business!

57. Have a photo of the day.

You can give your audience a small glimpse into your daily life by having a photo of the day. It’s another way to be real with them, so why not share some photos of you working or getting ready for work?

58. Share a Tweet You Like.

Social Media Content Idea 59: Share a funny tweet

If you follow relevant accounts on Twitter, why not share one of their Tweets with your audience? They’ll likely find it interesting too and it might also interest them to read some of the Tweets you like which will help them get to know you better.

59. Post a Fill In The Blank.

These posts are great because they get your audience thinking and talking to each other. You can ask anything you want, but here are some ideas for fill in the blank posts if you’re stuck:

  • My favorite thing about my business is [ ] 
  • My biggest struggle with my business is [ ] 
  • The one thing I wish every customer knew about me is [ ]

60. Share a play on words.

Social Media Content Idea 61: Play on words
You’re doing… WHAT?

Funnily saying things can be a great way of stealing attention. You could also try saying things in an ironic way or with a play on words to make your audience laugh!

61. Run a mini-poll.

Social Media Content Idea 62: Run a mini poll

Mini-polls are a fun way of getting people involved in your post because they have to decide between two options. You can ask anything you want, but here are some ideas for mini-poll questions if you’re stuck:

  • Which social media platform do you spend the most time on? Pinterest – Instagram
  • What’s your favorite type of candy? Chocolate bar – Lollipop

62. Highlight a product of the week.

Every week, highlight one of your products and explain why you like it. You can also talk about how or why you decided to stock that product and what makes it unique. This is a good way of not only giving people more information on the products they might be interested in but also reminding them of those same products!

63. Promote a live stream.

Social Media Content Idea 44: Promote a livestream

If you’re doing any live streams then it’s a great idea to promote them ahead of time on your social media accounts. You can also remind people about previous live streams that you did or even do the same thing with videos that were recorded!

64. Share a Charity you endorse.

Social Media Content Idea 65: Share a charity.

Sharing a charity you like and endorse is a good way of showing your audience what kind of person you are. It can also show them that you care about making the world a better place! And at the same time, you’re helping spread the word about a charity they might not have heard of before.

65. Hold a quiz.

Social Media Content Idea 66: Hold a quiz

Quizzes can be a wonderful way to get people engaging with your brand on social media. You could hold the quiz ahead of time, and then write about the answers later, or ask questions throughout the day and answer them at the end! To spice things up, you can also give away prizes for your quiz!

66. Share motivational quotes.

People love motivational quotes and they’re always popular on social media! If you want to share some with your audience, find ones that relate to your business or relevant events. You could also post funny and ironic motivational quotes too!

67. Share others’ work.

Your audience appreciates a shout-out as much as you do, so why not share something from another person on social media? It’s a great way of showing your support and can also help you forge connections with other people in your industry.

68. Share seasonal items.

Social Media Content Idea 69: Share a seasonable item.

There are times of the year where we usually wear certain clothes and do certain things, so why not share those seasonal items with your audience? You can also share festive recipes or anything like that too! And enjoy the time of the year with your followers!

69. Post a selfie.

Social Media Content Idea 70: Post a selfie

Selfies are a great way of showing your customers what you’re up to, where you are and who you’re with. You could even post funny selfies too! Just don’t do it all the time. Don’t spam your face!

70. Have fans share selfies.

If you’re looking for some fun selfies, why not let your customers submit their own photos? You could do it by using hashtags or asking them to send you their selfies on different social media platforms. Don’t forget to give them shout-outs too!

71. Post an offer.

If you’re looking for more business on social media, why not look to run an offer?  It can be for anything, but here are some ideas:

  • – For a limited time only, get 50% off with this code
  • – Pay $1 for shipping
  • – For every 2 products you purchase, the 3rd one is free.

72. Share a new idea on something established.

Social Media Content Idea 73: Share a new idea.

You could also promote your business on social media by sharing some new ideas on something that’s already established. You can take an already popular idea and give it a new twist, or come up with something new altogether!

73. Share something shocking.

Sometimes, you want to shock your audience. And it can be something funny or positive, like someone doing something out of the ordinary on the street! But you could also share shocking facts or create a list of weird things. As long it is shocking and pretty unknown.

74. Celebrate your growth.

Celebrate your growth on social media by updating your followers about it! Show people how far you’ve come and appreciated the support from them. If you’re running a campaign, let everybody know it’s going well and thank them for their help.

75. Share an interesting podcast.

Social Media Content Idea 76: Share a podcast

If you’re into podcasts, why not share them on social media? It’s a good way of getting your audience to enjoy something new while also promoting your business. You can share the name of the podcast and ask people if they’ve heard anything about them.

76. Ask fans to guess what you have in store.

There are a lot of fun things you could ask your audience to guess on social media. You can have a bit of an inside joke or post a teaser image if it’s something they haven’t seen yet! Not only will it entice them to engage with your post, it’s also a great promotional campaign for your new launches.

77. Have an announcement countdown.

Social Media Content Idea 78: Announce a countdown

If you’re announcing something special, why not build the anticipation by having a countdown? Your fans will be excited and they’ll like and comment more on your posts. You could also do an hourly countdown and then share what you’re announcing later that day!

78. Tease information in linked articles.

If you share an article on social media, why not tease the information in it? You can do this by using some of the facts or lines from the article and asking your audience what they think will happen next. It’s a great way of building up the hype!

79. Ask for feedback.

Social Media Content Idea 80: Ask for feedback

You could also ask for feedback from your customers on social media. You can do this on a photo or some text, and they can comment on what they think! This is a great way of showing the transparency of your company and you’ll get real responses too. Which you can use to improve your products or services.

80. Ask a True or False question.

Social Media Content Idea 81: True or false question

You can have a bit of fun with your audience by sharing a True or False question on social media. You could even create a list of those questions and share it as a quiz! And you’ll learn something new from your audience at the same time too.

81. Throw a virtual birthday party.

Social Media Content Idea 82: Celebrate your birthday

To continue with the fun, you could also throw a virtual birthday party on social media! You can have a poll of all your favorite things. It’s a great way of having your audience enjoy themselves while also getting some valuable feedback from them too.

82. Share something visually striking.

Don’t forget to share something striking on social media, like a photo or video. You could even show the process of making your products, or what you do when you’re not working!

83. Share a Thank-God-Its-Friday post.

Social Media Content Idea 44: Share a TGIF image.

You could also share some fun things on social media for a TGIF post. You can talk about how happy you are that the weekend is here, or show pictures of what you do in your spare time!

84. Share some words of wisdom.

You could also share some words of wisdom and inspiration on social media, and they might make people want to read more. They can learn something from your post and appreciate your business at the same time!

85. Host an AMA (Ask me anything)

You can host an “Ask me anything” on social media and let your customers ask you questions about your business or personal life. It’s a great way of building trust with your audience and you’ll answer the questions they have.

86. Conduct a social media takeover.

You could also do a social media takeover on someone else’s account. You can let them use your account to talk about their products or services, and it’ll give your brand some exposure too!

87. Share, pin, Retweet & re-gram.

Why not share and pin some of the updates from other accounts on your social media? It’s a good way of showing you’re part of a community while giving credit to someone else for their work.

88. Create and share bite-sized video clips.

Social Media Content Idea 89: Create bite-sized videos

If you have a video camera, why not create some short clips and share them on social media? They’re a great way of adding a bit of fun to your feed while having people get to know who you are!

89. Repurpose your old content.

Social Media Content Idea 90:Repurpose old content

You could also repurpose your old content and make it relevant to today’s audience. You can rewrite an article or share a photo from the same event but dressed up differently! It’s a great way of saving time while still providing value to your customers.

90. Develop how-to’s & tutorials.

Social Media Content Idea 91: Share a how-to guide.

You can also share how-tos and tutorials on social media. You could give information about anything from how to style your hair to how to open a bank account! It’s a great way of providing value and educating your customers at the same time.

91. Have an interview with an expert in your niche.

Social Media Content Idea 44: interview an expert

You could also conduct an interview with an expert in your niche, and share it on social media. It’s a great way of sharing information that’ll help your audience while also helping the expert spread their name too.

92. Answer FAQs.

Social Media Content Idea 93: Answer faqs

You could also answer FAQs on social media. It’ll give people a place to ask questions and you can concisely answer them! Great way to take away objections and build trust with your audience.

93. Recommend industry experts to check out.

You could also recommend some industry experts to check out on social media. It’s a great way of showing your support to other people and helping them spread the word too!


Now it’s your turn!

I hope this list gave you some amazing new ideas for your social media content! Try out these ideas and keep in mind that you don’t have to do everything on this list. Pick one or two things at a time to test it out, and see if they work for your business and audience.

It’s so important to stay current in today’s world. If you want to be successful today, it means that you need to be found on social media. I hope that this list gave you some more inspiration for your content on social media!